MakeUp Instrument

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Make yourself beautiful, even if only on the computer


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MakeUp Instrument is a photo editing tool that specializes in beauty touch-ups for women who want to look more beautiful in a photo, or two.

You’ll have several different tools at your disposal for you to give your lips more color or shine, whiten your teeth, make parts if your body look slimmer, improve your hair color, smooth out your skin, and even remove objects from the image.

Plus, you can do all of this with great ease thanks to different interactive tutorials that come included in the program. All you have to do is select which one you want to see and it'll immediately show you a step by step tutorial of how to carry out an editing process.

When saving your changes, the program will let you choose what quality you want it in. You will, however, have to buy a license in order to do so.

MakeUp Instrument is a photo editing tool that is designed for a very specific task: to make a photo look more beautiful. In fact, its instruments have names such as 'eyeliner', 'lipstick', etc. It’s thus very clear what each one's main objective is.
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